Unlisted Masonic Halls

After shooting the 360° tours for the Kent Museum of Freemasonry and Canterbury Lodge last week, I thought I would check the status of all the other temples in East Kent.

Wow – only four have been claimed! And nine were not even listed on Google Maps (or are they the secret ones that everyone’s going on about!!)

Anyway, I have added those nine to Google Maps, but they are now in an “unclaimed” state, together with the 15 other Masonic Halls.

To claim them, (and to be check and edit the details) is simple to do. Just click on the “Claim this business” link and follow the simple steps.  CLICK HERE to see them in detail. or Get In Touch and I will help you through it.

You will need to be an administrator for the hall. If your not, please bring it to their attention and maybe help out in claiming it on Google.