Once you have your Google 360° Tour, you are going to want to share it with EVERYONE!!

And it couldn’t be easier!

To start you off, once your Tour has passed QC with Google and is “live”, we will email you to say

that it is now on-line and include a few links to get you started.

But you can get these links yourself very easily, in a few short steps.

1 – Navigate to Google Maps then and search for your company name.

2 – Click on one of the 360° images

3 – Choose the view and zoom you want to share.

       Click on the 3 dots in the top left menu

4 – Choose “Share or embed image”

5 – Then click on “Short URL”

This is the code you need to share that particular view & zoom.

You can email this code or post it on Facebook and other social media sites.

If you want to embed that view in to your web site, follow the next few steps

6 – Click on “Embed image”

7 – Copy this code

      You can change some for the parameters.  By default it gives you width of 600 (pixels) and a height of 450 (pixels).  

     Change the width to 100% to give you the full spread on your web page.

Paste this code in to your web builder

And that’s it.

You still have problems, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.