Would you buy a home from a virtual viewings?

Well, that’s the question posed in the Mail Online. Using the same technology that Google uses for its Street View on Google Maps, would you buy a house by only seeing it “virtually” on a laptop or even a VR headset?


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Well, I think any sane person would not part with £1,000’s of their hard-earned cash without first stepping foot in the property.

What this system does do though, is replace the “Initial Viewing”! And in the current climate, not having visitors, is a very big advantage!

Most purchasers go through a series of steps before committing and buying a new house. One of those first steps, after choosing an area, is to make a shortlist of properties they would like to see and this is where 360° tours come in to their own!

Normally, after you have chosen your area, you select your properties, contact the estate agents, who will contact the vendor and come back to you with a suitable day and time. Depending on how many properties you have on your list, this process could take 3 or 4 weeks or even months!

Now, what if this process could be done in an afternoon or a couple of hours? Maybe in the comfort of your own home?

Even after the complication of the Covid-19 lockdown, people are still going to be reluctant to let people around their house, even if they want to sell it! But if those purchasers had been ‘qualified’ initially by viewing the house 360°, they will already be more than halfway to choosing that property!

Here are some sample ‘Virtual Tours’.
You can navigate through them just like you can on Google’s Street View taken by the Google cars. You can pan left and right, look up and down and soon in and out. Then click through to the next area. To make it easy, there’s a menu to enable you to jump from one room to another.

Please contact us either by email, message or call us on 07973 705477. We will be able to talk you through the process and reassure you of any concern you may have at the moment.

Prices start from £149. Use the coupon code or mention Property30 to save 30% off your first tour.

If you are an estate agent or property developer, we will gladly talk to you -about on-going discounts for future tours.

, Would you buy a home from a virtual viewings?,