Why Should Your Business Work Harder on Google Street View?

When I look for a business online, I Google them! I will then click on the Google maps tag to see where they are. Do you?

If you do, you’re one of the 44% of people who use mapping products to search for businesses. On average, 41% of these searches then result in an actual visit. So mapping is a powerful search tool for your customers.

Some time ago I noticed that in a few places I searched for, my little Yellow Google Man (called Pegman) could actually walk inside the building! Mind-blowing!

I said to myself: “You could do this, couldn’t you Mark?”… so I Googled it!!

What Happens When You Show Your Customers More Of Your Business?

By enabling your searching customers to see the inside of your premises, you are immediately making them more comfortable. You’re establishing whether you have the types of things they’re looking for. So that by the time they visit you, they are already convinced that they’ve come to the right place. They’re a better fit for you!

Why Should You Put A Virtual Tour onto Google Street View and Maps?

More statistics – the proof is in the analysis: In an independent study which Google reference, businesses with photos and a Virtual Tour in their Google Maps presence were twice as likely to generate interest in a booking. That’s not marginal gains: that’s twice as likely. So why isn’t your business already doing this?

How Can You Get Your Map Listings Improved?

To get a full Virtual Tour with 360° photos onto Google Street View and Maps, contact your local Google Street View Trusted Photographer before any of your competitors do. Oh! that’s where we come in then!


You can also embed the Tour onto your own website, and the 360° photos are also displayed automatically by Facebook, making them an incredibly powerful marketing tool.

Find Out More

Give us a call on 07973 705477 and you will be amazed as to how little it can cost. With no on-going fees as the tour is hosted on Google’s own servers!