Don’t Skip the details!

You turn up at a property to photograph it, on the only nice day of the week and …… there’s a great big skip on the driveway!

So, I take the 360° photo, of the front of the house ….

…. plus another the far side of the skip so I can use the detail in that one to Photoshop the skip out!

Shouldn’t take me more than an hour I thought! Going to have to skip Eastenders tonight! lol

I carry on and capture the rest of the house for the 360° virtual tour.

An hour later, I’m just shooting the last bedroom when I hear a commotion outside!
Air brakes and the sound of chains rating. Its the skip guy with his lorry to eliminate my hours worth of entertainment with Photoshop’s airbrush and cloning tool!

So there you have it! Back in the office. Download the images and compile the Virtual Tour, Simples!

And I then had to sit through Eastenders. Last one for a while though!!

Thanks Green Box, made my life a bit easier today!